Our Helicopters:

Magnum Helicopters LLC flies the following helicopters, all pictured below. For information on a specific helicopter click the link:

Robinson R-22 BII

Robinson R-44 Raven I

Robinson R-44 Raven II with Air Conditioning



Helicopter Specs

Robinson R-22 BII:

  "The Sportscar"
Cruise Speed:  80 Knots
Weight Limit:  230 lbs / seat
Passengers:  Holds one passenger plus the pilot

Reputation:  "If you can fly the R-22 precisely, you can fly any other helicopter out there."

Robinson R-44 I & II

What's the Difference:  The Raven II is fuel injected, has a higher payload,  is quieter, and faster
Cruise Speed:  106-117 Knots
Weight Limit:  300 lbs / seat; the total weight of the three passengers should not exceed 660 lbs Raven I and 700 lbs Raven II
Passengers:  Holds up to three passengers plus the pilot.

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