Aerial Photography

Aerial photos are a snap for Magnum Helicopters. We can take you almost anywhere to get you the photo/video you are looking for.

Commerica Park where the Detroit Tigers play.

Pontiac Silverdome with Roof Collapsed

Find out rates for aerial photography.  


The one thing to remember when shooting video footage from a helicopter is this: not just any video camera will do.  Helicopters give off a slight vibration which when viewing the results of a video feed will look very unsteady.  Some cameras do have stabilizing features for better results.  We recommend equipping your video equipment with a gyro stabilizer for the best results.   For different solutions see below:

AMT mount which is good for camera's under 10 lbs:

Please click on the following video.  This was taken with an AMT mount.Visit for further details and photographs on how to rent this mount.

Another option is to use the Tyler mini-mount.  See the link below:
Stratton Camera details


Bring your own camera and shoot from almost any angle from the helicopter.  However, if you do not have a camera, Magnum Helicopters has a Nikon 10MegaPixel camera to capture brilliant digital photographs.

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