Detroit City Tour  40-50min

This tour departs from Oakland Pontiac Airport or pre-arranged from Oakland Troy Airport.
This is the longest and most extensive tour we offer. Includes many area of interest and a mix of places and features in the surrounding area!

Due to FAA regulations, this tour is not available during and 2 hours before and after a home Major League Baseball game (MLB), National Football League game (NFL) and National Collegiate Athletic Association game (NCAA).


$540 for 3 passengers
$480 for 2 passengers



Help that special person learn to fly!  Our courteous and professional staff provide a supportive, relaxed environment to help them as they learn. We can accommodate virtually any schedule. Enjoy approximately 30 minutes of basic ground instruction and then rotors up for a 30 minute introductory ride! For more information please go to Learn to Fly!


$525 | 1 hr of Introductory Lesson in the R-44 Helicopter
$350 | 1 hr of Introductory Lesson in the R-22 Helicopter


Tour the 50 Plus Lakes 15-20min

A Short, exciting flight as we lift off from Oakland Pontiac Airport and loop South from the airport to catch views of the beautiful lakes, parks and water recreation areas within a few miles of the airport. Excellent views of the many homes on the lakes.


$285 for 3 passengers
$190 for 2 passengers


Sports & entertainment 20-30Min

Everything from DTE Energy Theater to the M1 Concourse Raceway, Oakland University home of the Grizzlies and much more. Its surprising to view the many places we have in the area from the air. Some of these will soon be history!


$315 for 3 passengers
$290 for 2 passengers

Rochester Tour.jpg

Rochester Tour  20-30min

Great night flight over the Holidays
This flight starts at Oakland Pontiac Airport in Waterford or a pre-arranged flight from Oakland Troy Airport in Troy. Fly over Rochester area to Olde World Caterbury, DTE Energy Theater and back.


$315 for 3 passengers
$290 for 2 passengers


Local Area Tour

Tour the local area around the airport for an hour.  There is someflexibility in the route on this tour.  If you want a completely custom tour, see the next tour type.

R-22 helicopter: $350/hr
R-44 helicopter: $525/hr


Custom Tours

Our custom tours include flights such as Plymouth to Detroit City Tour or Ann Arbor Tour.  And you can even create your own.

Contact us to arrange the details.

R-22 helicopter: $350/hr
R-44 helicopter: $600/hr

Download our Tour Waiver prior to your visit.