Aerial photos are a snap for Magnum Helicopters. We can take you almost anywhere to get you the photo/video you are looking for.


The one thing to remember when shooting video footage from a helicopter is this: not just any video camera will do.  Helicopters give off a slight vibration which when viewing the results of a video feed will look very unsteady.  Some cameras do have stabilizing features for better results.  We recommend equipping your video equipment with a gyro stabilizer for the best results.   For different solutions see below:

One option is to use the Tyler mini-mount. 

Axis Technologies 5-axis gyro-stabilized gimbal mount. Featured camera system is the Sony HDC-1500. 3-CCD 2/3" Imaging devise, with the ability to record in 1080/50i,60i,24P,25P,30P,720/60P,50P.

Stratton Camera

Stratton Camera offers a full HD video camera that rents for approximately $500 per day.  The camera can be mounted to a mini-gyro stabilizing platform.

The mini-gyro rents for approximately $500 per day. This can be rented separately if you already have a camera.  Please contact Stratton Camera in Farmington Hills for more details and/or to rent their equipment.


Bring your own camera and shoot from almost any angle from the helicopter.  However, if you do not have a camera, Magnum Helicopters has a Nikon 10MegaPixel camera to capture brilliant digital photographs.


Inclusive Photographer & Photo CD

(Hard copy photos available for an additional charge) 

Oakland County Airport

  • Robinson R-22:    $400/hr
  • Robinson R-44 I:  $695/hr
  • Robinson R-66:    $895/hr (4 hour minimum required)

"Do It Yourself"

(photographer & photo cd excluded)

Oakland County Airport

  • Robinson R-22:    $375/hr (weight limit per seat 240 lbs)*
  • Robinson R-44 I:  $600/hr (weight limit per seat 300 lbs)*
  • Robinson R-66:    $850/hr, 4 hour minimum (weight limit per seat 300 lbs)* 

* weight limit per seat includes photo equipment