Excited about learning to fly? "The extreme realism of the FLYIT Professional Helicopter Simulator allows pilots to spend more time flying to learn, maintain and enhance their proficiency without using expensive helicopter flight time." Log hours in our state of the art simulator by FLYIT. Learn first in our cost effective simulator and then practice in a real helicopter. The simulator offers students with life like views of airports and surrounding areas using two high definition LED televisions and a floor to ceiling super high resolution projection system giving you a 210 degree view. Rain, shine, snow, or high wind, you can take your lesson in the flight simulator with ease. The simulator is temperature controlled allowing students and instructor to be comfortable during lessons. 

Help improve your pilot skills in the simulator before heading into a helicopter with take offs, landings, VFR, IFR, faults, failures and emergency procedures.  


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In Cockpit Flight

Motion Capabilities of the Simulator


  • AATD/FTD Level 4

  • 7.5 Hours VFR Private Pilot Rating

  • 20 hours of the Instrument Rating training requirement

  • All the IFR currency requirement

  • Recurrent training

  • up to 25 Hours for Commercial Rating

  • up to 25 Hours for ATP Rating


  1. Bell 206

  2. MD 500

  3. Bell 407

  4. Schweizer 300

  5. Enstrom 280 FX

  6. Robinson R22, R44, R66

  7. AS350 B2


Pricing for the simulator is $190.00 per hour and includes an instructor.