Frequently Asked Questions

1. All flights are a minimum of 2 people. 

Prices subject to change.

2. Can we book people of any age?

Yes, children 2 years old or younger can sit on the lap of a parent or guardian.  Children 3 yrs of age and older must have their own seat.

3. What are the seating arrangements and weight limits? 

There is seating for up to three (3) people with a combined weight of no more than 570 pounds total. Normally one passenger sits in the front and two in the back.  We also can put two (2) in the back if only two passengers are booked. No single rider over 300 Lbs (seat limit).

4. Where do we fly out and return from? 

We normally depart from Oakland Pontiac Airport (KPTK) at BarnStormers Hanger #2 (Main office location). It’s an orange trimmed building with the number “2” on it.  Avis rental is out front.  Enter through the door with the awning that says, “Barnstormers at Midfield”.  We will meet you in the lobby. Enjoy  a coffee, popcorn etc.  Others areas that we fly from are, Oakland Troy Airport (KVLL) and Plymouth-Canton Airport (1D2). These two locations are available on pre-arranged schedules. 

5. What should I wear?

Nothing special. Wear attire that you would wear when you drive here.  The helicopter has climate controls for heating and cooling.

6. What forms of payment do you take?

All major credit/debit cards, cash, check, and paypal.

7. Do I need to come early?

We request you arrive at least 15 minutes early before your scheduled time.

8. Can I talk during the flight? 

Absolutely, you’ll have a headset to talk to your fellow passengers and the pilot. We highly encourage you to ask any questions.  We do ask you keep conversation and questions to a minimum during takeoff and landing.

9. Can I take pictures?

For sure, take as many pictures as you’d like.  We recommend you turn the flash off while taking pictures from inside the helicopter.   Also, don’t plan on taking pictures at night, there is not enough light to illuminate the picture. It is best to take your flight during twilight.

10. Should I eat before flying? 

We recommend planning your dining activities after the flight but don’t come on a totally empty stomach.

11. Can you drop us off at a restaurant?

No, we cannot drop you off anywhere but the place we pick you up at.  Any deviation from this is considered a charter which we do not have a license for.